Michał Lasocik

Psychotherapist, coach – individual therapy, coaching, workshops

To me, psychotherapy is a special kind of meeting with other person and an engaging seach for meanings of everything that life brings us. I believe in an honest and open communication either between people or when it comes to a relationship that an individual have with him/herself. My mission is to support and facilitate that process – for others, for everyone and for myself.

I graduated from Departament for Applied Social Sciences and Resocialisation at The University of Warsaw. I have worked with children and youth as a streetworker. Basing on their individual resources and skills I was supporting them through different everyday life difficulties and their personal development. I am also an educator at The Copernicus Science Centre where I train the teachers in innovative methods of education. I write and edit articles popularizing science. I conduct psychological and personal development workshops based on process oriented psychology. I also work with The Zgoda Theatre which is an artistic non-governmental organization for environmental and social psychiatry.

I am fascinated with dreams and a search for their role in everyday, awake life. I love to be in touch with nature while cooking on fire and I admire science-fiction novels. My hobby is painting, photography and various visual arts.