Karol Domański

Psychologist, psychotherapist – individual therapy, couples therapy

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist. I practice the depth psychology with people experiencing difficulties within such fields:

(ex. depression, low self-esteem, shyness and social anxiety)
We may focus on questions such as: how do I think of myself? How do I indentify “me”? How do I feel with myself and with others? What don’t I know about myself? What is it that I don’t like about myself and what is it that I don’t understand?

(ex. difficulties in entering and quitting a relationship, conflicts)
We may focus on questions like: what are my relations? Why aren’t they as I wanted them to be? How to cope with repeating relationship issues and difficulties?

(ex. overwork, lack of professional satisfaction)
We may focus on questions such as: what do I avoid in my work and what are my goals? What gives me the satisfaction and what takes it away? Why do I struggle from conflicts?

Personal development:
We may focus on questions like: Is my personal growth defined by my parents? How do I create and process my life by myself?

The therapy that I conduct is not only a casual support which is given to a suffering person, but it is also a search for deeper sense and meaning.
In that process, my job is to enable and facilitate a strong and deep contact of my client with him/herself.
The dream analysis and a therapeutic work around their contents are often effective ways to manage it.

In my work, I use methods from analytical psychology created by Carl Gustav Jung. I also conduct therapy sessions in English.

My qualifications:
– master degree in psychology at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
– two-year course of analytical psychology ran by Polish Association for Analytical Psychology
– as a psychoterapist I am under a constant supervision at International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP)

I am a member of Ethic Commission at a Polish Association for Analytical Psychology.

I like to travel and explore differences in nature and human condition within different places. I love searching for meanings of individual and collective dreams, difficulties that we face, crises that we go through and joys that we experience – everything that gives us deeper and full understanding of what does it mean “to be ourselves”. The process of exploring the inner self and offering it to the world around us, to me, is a great art, worth a whole life.