Cezary Jaszkowski

Psychotherapist, coach – individual therapy, couples and marriages, trainings

I’m a psychotherapist and coach working within the Gestalt approach which I study in the Gestalt Institute in Krakow. I support my clients in experiencing their lives more happily and fully while helping them to explore their authentic expression and engage in satisfying relationships. My personal approach is a combination of psychotherapeutic knowledge and an experience in corporations.

Between 2014 and 2015 I have been to an internship in The institute of Psychiatry and Neurology on Sobieskiego street in the department of Recurrence I Psychiatric Clinic (F10) as well as the Diagnostic-Therapeutic department (F6), III Psychiatric Clinic. I develop my experience by attending psychotherapeutic trainings and workshops. I also completed the international program “Gestalt within organizations” for consultants and coaches.

I often work with people struggling with relationships issues. They usually suffer from loneliness, anxiety, shyness, guilt and event emptiness. Sometimes they feel burnout due to constant stress and tension. They also go through mourning or a life crisis.