Anna Dorna

Psychotherapist – individual therapy


„The longest journey of my life was the journey to my own self” (Alice Miller)

I am a therapist during the training on psychotherapy at the INTRA Institute.

I completed the one-year Psychological Help Programme at the Integrated Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute as well as two-year programme at the Process Oriented Psychology Institute. Between 2012-2014 I did the internship at the Youth Psychotherapy Center in Warsaw. I work under clinical supervision.

In my work I combine the knowledge of different therapeutic approaches with receptivity developed in artistic schools as well as the experience gained in business environment. It all allows me to look holistically at a person I work with.

I use existential dialogue, gestalt experiments, dream body work. Above all I work with the therapeutic alliance. I believe that creating safe and accepting environment (that enables authentic and spontaneous exchange of feelings, thoughts and ideas) encourages people to listen and accept themselves. Only then is a change possible.

In my view every person has the ability to rediscover their own unique way, and my role as a therapist, I find in accompanying on this journey.

I help adults who:

– experience difficulties in their relationships

– experience strong emotion, depressed mood, excessive emotional tension or anxiety

– go thorough personal crisis

– have low self- esteem

– experience a feeling of lack of influence on their life

– want to better understand their own feelings and needs

– long to express themselves fully and live in harmony with their own unique nature


I am interested in music and theatre. I like delicious cuisine and good books, and above all, I like inspiring conversations that are never enough.