Adam Kościuk

Psychotherapist, coach – individual therapy, training

To me, psychotherapy is about a mindful process for self-exploration and healing. The therapist serves as a facilitator, helping the individual focus attention inward and become aware of what he or she is experiencing in the present moment. Through this contemplative self-study, individuals may discover the historical roots of their problems and achieve a clearer sense of who they are. As they process this information in the present, they will hopefully begin to let go of old habits and approach life with greater creativity and flexibility.

I graduated from Departament for Applied Social Sciences and Resocialisation at The University of Warsaw. I am a member of Polish Association for Analytical Psychology and Polish Assotioation for Proccess oriented Psychology.

My main psychological interests cover relationship problems, self-esteem, inner critic, stress, adaptation problems, intercultural differences, burn-out and exploration of one’s life meaning.

Among passions I count book reading, rock music and world mythologies.